1.3 Keys for Success

Buy the Time will need to:

  • Offer a much simpler, more convenient and personalized shopping experience than high-end shops.

  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Establishing close relationships with clients will ensure repeat business. Customer feedback can be used to improve service and encourage word-of–mouth marketing.

Personal Insurance Agent Business Plan

Personal Insurance Agent Business Plan

Plynthe Insurance – an independent personal and insurance brokerage, located in Peristyle Gardens, will serve the entire town. Kolem Plynthe (a newly licensed insurance agent) will launch the company as a house-based business. In future years, Plynthe plans to expand the office to allow him to collaborate with associate agents. Plynthe is an experienced salesperson and has the potential to succeed in the insurance market.

Plynthe Insurance has the potential to be a lucrative business that will provide salary and dividends in return for Kolem Plynthe as its sole owner. Plynthe’s salary and profits will rise moderately, but steadily. The business can be launched without external investment or loans, relying only on Plynthe’s savings and personal borrowings. Plynthe Insurance requires a long-term loan for expansion financing. This loan will be required in the second year of its operation.


Plynthe Insurance will judge its success on meeting the following objectives:

  1. Rapidly build revenues in the first year.
  2. Rent an office to add an associate agent for insurance in the second-year.
  3. The company’s third year of operation saw its revenues double and it made a good net profit.


Plynthe Insurance was established to make Peristyle Gardens more secure by providing property, casualty and life insurance. It offers a variety of insurance options.

Keys to Success

Plynthe Insurance will apply these principles in order achieve its objectives.

  1. Keep your distance from any insurance provider’s direct affiliates
  2. For all the possible risks in their lives, it is important to think holistically about each client’s needs
  3. Keep a reputation for care, fairness and empathy.

Personal Event Planning Business Plan

Personal Event Planning Business Plan



Because of the fast pace of life, there is little time to plan parties, events, or social gatherings. With the increasing number of people and incomes, the demand for this service is only going to increase.


Occasionsis open to all. They offer their expertise and products for helping customers plan events. Party packs (complete sets for an event) make hosting parties easy, down to the beverages. The event planning software brings interactive event planning as close as their personal computer. Occasions strives to be the best resource for any event through these and other inexpensive products and services.


The market for event planning breaks down into wide, very diverse segments. Our services are demanded by individuals and companies alike. We break down the market segments into private and public organisations, as well as age groups, in order to give the most detailed information.


Occasions stands out in a competitive market. We compete against hotels with conference rooms, conference centers and other event planners. There is little to no comparison between the benefits and drawbacks offered by each competitor and our services.

Why Us?

Occasions has a primary purpose to be a service-oriented business. However, we also offer products which can help customers plan their event. Our customers benefit from our experience and connections to plan the perfect party for them at the right price.



For information, tax rates are listed. We carry no loan burden that would be effected by these rates. Occasions are hit the hardest, but not as hard as other service companies. The 24% tax rate is almost one-quarter of total sales. These numbers will continue to be a reference point rather than an influence as Occasions grows.

Financial Highlights by Year

Financing Needed

The owners will contribute $25,000 toward startup costs and salaries in order to make this part-time supportive business a full-time one.