Horse Reseller Business Plan

Horse Reseller Business Plan

Gravestat Farm Exchange (GFX) will be a business entity that applies 21st-century technology and business practices in an ageless business environment.

This modern approach to traditional business has been proven effective in gaining a competitive edge and attracting new customers through live experiments. Once the entire concept is in place, it will be extremely profitable, and can sustain a company with the potential of exponential growth.

This business plan is submitted to secure $110,000 of start-up capital to allow GFX Gravestat Farms Exchange to move from experimentation to fully operational business entities. The funding request is balanced with additional capital and operating capital. These funds will be used to finish the plan and give you a realistic start-up period that can lead to a profitable future.

GFX: Gravestat Farm Exchange is a home-based business located north of Chandler in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. It is owned and operated jointly by Edward A. Graves (and his family). The culmination of a successful business career was the U.S. An international software development company’s Sales & Operation Manager provides an extensive background and expertise that ensures this venture’s success. Implementing this plan will not require additional employees nor locations. This allows for the lowest operating costs possible without compromising any revenue potential. Rather, it concentrates on providing a full range of traditional products (with a powerful and unique addition) through e-commerce, event attendance, and home based sales.

1.1 Business Overview

It is crucial that at the beginning of reviewing this business plan, the reviewer has a willingness to question preconceived notions about the general nature of GFX.

GFX is not a farm. GFX does not include a horse ranch.

GFX is a Web-centric, event vendor, and retail location resale company.

There are two traditional ways of helping visualize GFX.

  1. A pet store that sells pet quality animals to the general public (in this case, horses).

  2. The complete line of equine and tack supplies.

This option is not available for horse buyers (as it does not exist for any other pet except horses). Hobby horse owners are forced to purchase horses through either: A) a “breed farm” offering a quality of horse well beyond the buyers needs and price range, or B) through a variety of “horse trader” outlets, none of which employ even a minimal level of acceptable business practice. The buyer has the option of buying something they don’t need or purchasing from unscrupulous sellers that can lead to dangerous and expensive purchases.

Example #2 shows that tack shops and equine supply businesses are a solid, traditional business. However, not a single tack shop takes maximum advantage of the symbiotic requirements of the horse and the supply. Every horse buyer is a potential tack and supply customer. Every potential horse buyer comes from both a tack buyer and a supply buyer. It is only logical, and an unfilled market niche, to combine the two, thereby offering the buyer a 1-stop shopping opportunity.

The geographical area between Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Ponca City in Oklahoma is known as “The Triangle”, the most active horse market worldwide. Yet, not one company has followed these best business practices to this large market.

GFX is opening a store in our area.

GFX is a vendor at equestrian events taking place in Tulsa (OKC), and Purcell.

GFX will maintain a strong Web presence with an online catalog and shopping capability.

GFX applies modern business methods and technology to one the oldest and most reliable market.

1.2 Personal Credit Worthiness

In the critical area of personal credit worthiness, we ask the reviewer to make particular note of this section and include it with all considerations for this loan request.

We have enjoyed an historically excellent personal credit history.

Our first steps in identifying the business opportunity led us to submit a business proposal and request funding. We decided to pursue this goal and invested heavily with all our resources, including personal capital, in the experimentation that eventually led us to the GFX formula. At times perhaps, we invested too heavily. We have had the challenge of managing the cash flow over the past year. We have been behind at times and we have pulled ahead at others. At present we are even. Since we expect some amount of negative reflection to appear in a standard credit report, we take this into consideration. The reviewer should consider our prior credit ratings and the amount of investment we made before applying for formal funding.

The important thing is that we have been responsible with our finances in the past. However, we have only increased our personal financial limits for this opportunity. We hope these are factors you’ll consider.

1.3 Objectives

First benchmark operation successful to obtain the following measurable results

20 location customers, attendance in two horse events, 500 ‘#8220’Web hits per month, resulting in:

  1. $4,500/month in product & tack sales at an average net of 30% for $1,350/month revenues

  2. 1,000/month in sales of manufactured products, an average of 60% net for $600/month revenues.

  3. $20,000/month in horse sales at an average of 30% net for $6,000/month revenue.

$7,950 per month for an initial achievement goal of $25,500 gross

1.4 Mission

GFX – Gravestat Farm eXchange aims to consolidate and legitimize representation and sales of a complete horse product line, including the horse, in a professional and safe business setting. This platform is designed to serve the interests of pleasure horse owners and those who are most at-risk from traditional horse sales. Customers satisfaction will be the foundation of our business success. We will always be looking for new product offerings that provide value to our customers and make a profit for GFX. We will utilize modern technology and methodology to insure GFX increases it’s visibility, customer base, and resulting success. GFX will become the benchmark in the pleasure horse business and be the benchmark against all others.

Horse Training Business Plan

Horse Training Business Plan

The Company

Ereidi Farm was established as a home-based side-business while the owners raised their young children. Her many years in the industry made her well suited for the services offered by the farm. Ereidi Farm functions as a quality thoroughbred breeding and training farm specializing in highly individualized care programs designed for each horse’s needs. Ereidi Farm cares deeply about its clients and their horses.

Our commitment to clients is long-term. Our focus has not ended at the point where we sell â#8211; our client’s success is our top priority. We go above and beyond to provide all information necessary to help them make informed and informed decisions about their investments in bloodstock. Due to demand, our farm is moving to a larger location and is in the process of incorporating so that the accounting part of the business can be more easily managed.

The product

Ereidi Farm is able to offer the following services: training and breaking young racehorses; broodmare caring and rehabilitation of injured racehorses. Our programs are individualized and horses are not forced to follow a prescribed program. Horses who have graduated from our programs are healthy, confident, fit, and happy about their work. We offer exceptional care to foaling and pregnant mares. High-risk mares are welcome to join our family. Our farm has a 100% live foal rate every year, despite having foals from older mares. We take great care of these mares! Our farm has horses from all over the region that are available for rehabilitation and therapy.

Because of the thoroughness of our care, these athletes can recover fully with minimal complications. All of the horses rehabilitated by the farm have gone on to useful careers, many returning to racing and running in improved form. Our home-grown sales reflect the owner’s knowledge of equine genetics; horses from the farm’s breeding program have won races at their very first asking and have posted bullet works in training. They are bright stars who have done an outstanding job representing the farm. We also provide a &#8220Full Circle&#8221 service for our clients. Their success is our passion. This commitment has a lasting effect and is unparalleled in the racing industry. We recognize the importance of their success in racing and are fully aware of the need for this.

The Market

The United States’ thoroughbred industry is growing. The racing industry within the state of Pennsylvania is poised for an explosive period of growth within the next year as slot machine legislation is approved and passed. As is the demand for Pennsylvania-bred horse breeders, there is also a need to raise and train these horses. Pennsylvania is striving to be the most prestigious racing state in the United States, exceeding all other states in its purses and bonus funds awards. This is driving a large number of horses to Pennsylvania. The need for facilities to store them is increasing rapidly.

These owners are looking to relocate their stock, as well as their breeding and racing stock in these declining states. These owners, as well as new investors and Pennsylvania owners who are looking to improve their programs, have been targeted by us. Our marketing programs are focused on promoting using the venues that are commonly used by those in our target market. These programs are designed for potential clients to visit our farm, where sales are most common. We are aware that technology is crucial in today’s marketplaces and we have accepted its use happily.

Financial Projections

Although our farm started small initially for specific reasons, we now look forward to expanding and utilizing all of our talents. His husband is the current parts and services director. He is responsible for $13.3million in parts and service sales each year and maintains a large inventory. He reports to 65 employees. He will be mentoring the owner regarding financial matters.

The financial projections depict the growth projected.

The farm will be relocated to its new, world-class facility. They represent the planned growth that is possible with the securing of a facility that is large enough to accommodate the ever-growing needs of the marketplace. We expect profits for two reasons: 1) we are timing our market expansion at a critical time, just as the Pennsylvania thoroughbred industry enters its largest growth phase in its history and 2) our services to clients and their bloodstock is exceptional, it is simply world class.

1.1 Keys to Success

A well-targeted marketing plan utilizing modern technologies as well as traditional formats.

We provide a high-quality facility that is appealing to our clients.

Delivering the quality service we promise in our marketing and facility photos. Ereidi Farm has built its name by exceeding clients’ expectations. In the industry, our commitment to clients and attention to detail is unmatched.

1.2 Mission

Ereidi Farm aims to increase the chances of our clients investing in thoroughbred thoroughbreds. This is done by providing high-quality, individualized care and training programs within a safe environment staffed with experienced personnel. Each member of Ereidi Farm demonstrates a deep commitment towards our clients. We believe communication, unquestionable honesty and our ability offer ‘#8220’ Full Circle services are key to the farm’s growth.

1.3 Objectives

  1. Secure financing to purchase a fully-functional facility that is located on a piece of land in a new area. The facility must represent real value, selling for less than its cost to build and having a location that is targeted for long-term growth and development, thus increasing the value of the land.Land parcel must be suitable for other uses than farming to provide long-term development options. Excellent interstate access must be available, both locally as well as regionally. You must locate land in an area with support structures that are suitable for a horse farm.
  2. Closed sale of current farm facility will generate approximately $300,000. This capital can be reinvested into business expansion.
  3. Within one year of moving to a larger facility, achieve break-even status.
  4. Maintain a comfortable net income into the second and subsequent years.